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Default FiancÚ visa


I am planning to apply for the Fiance Visa at the end of Feburary, and I'm wondering if someone would be kind enough to answer some questions that aren't very clear.

I'm trying to get together all the documents that don't need to be dated, i.e. older than 28 days from the date of application.

Which documentation would need to actually be dated? Would this just be bank statements, letter from employer , or are there anymore that would need to not be older than 28 days from the application.

And just to confirm also, that these documents must NOT be older than 28 days from the application. Does that mean that if I applied on the 27th online, that any documents which need to be dated could be no older than the 29th of January?

We are booking via TLSConnect - if booking in Feburary, would I be able to book the appointment for early March?

Does the Premium Service mean we would get a response in 10 days?

In addition, I'm currently living with my parents and they said we can live there until we save for a deposit for a flat. So do we need a surveyors report? Or - would we need to just provide a copy of the mortgage deeds, land registry documents and letter from parents saying she can stay here? Also, what are the land registry documents we need to supply?

I also want to know if taking the documents to the appointment at TLSconnect, whether or not they need to be seperated barcode. I read somewhere that they need to be, but can't find any references to this anywhere?

I also have read that we need duplciate copies of everything.

Also, is a copy of my (supporting finance) passport page sufficient?

Many thanks in advance for your help.
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