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Originally Posted by M.C.A. View Post
86% speak English LOL... not in my region they barely understand the words that are coming out of my mouth and for sure even if they understand some English the conversation going to be limited and then you'll be talking to yourself.

Just from my experience and this includes my in-laws who I thought understood me for at least a decade but it turns out they understood very little of our previous conversations they just ? They didn't' want to hurt the relationship or tried to understand as best they could without letting me know that I was basically talking to myself... So my best guess is that probably only 30% can understand English enough to get by with basic conversations and maybe a little bit more advanced discussions.

My youngest son is in an 8th grade private school and I asked him how many of his classmates can speak English and it turns out less than half.

Reminds me, I need to set aside an hour per day to learn the Tagalog language.
of the 6 islands ive lived on or spent a lot of time on Most understood and spoke English,at least to some extent. Many PRETEND not to because Filipino pride doesn't let them do it because they hate to make mistakes. It would seem that you settled in an extremely ignorant area Mark.
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