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Originally Posted by noskich23 View Post
Thank you for your answer. Sorry, but I thought that Australian citizens are treated equally as New Zealand permanent residents, I checked online and we are eligible for public medical care. Why would pregnancy be a reason for rejection of entry when Australians are treated as more or less permanent residence of NZ? Of course we don't have any criminal history nor medical issues.
Yes, I agree that you are treated the same, however the difference is that you are not here now. A pregnant lady may not necessarily meet all of the criteria for entry and you should check before travelling irrespective that as Aus Citizens you have the right to live study and work in NZ.....even though that is the case, all AUS Citizen entrants still have criteria to meet before they are handed an NZ Resident Visa - e.g. you must be of good character, you must meet a minimum acceptable standard of health etc etc.
Nothing is a guarantee unless it is in your hand and I am merely pointing that out.
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