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Default Thanks!

Thank you all for the replies!
Realty check is always good! Lol..
So, I have a very specialized career however I do not believe it would transfer ... or would be near impossible to get picked up for it overseas. In most countries you must be a citizen to hold the position.
So looking into training for computer tech careers incan remotely. I will figure put how to increase my very low budget of 2 K a month to 5K.
Surely 5K for a family of 5 would be sufficient?
Plus working out having a means to make more. I also have an SO who I have not factored in any income or earning power from him. I currently support my family of 7 solely, but he is able to contribute so I can slow down.
Again thankyou all for the replies. I will also check out the forums for the countries i am considering.
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