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Originally Posted by nyclon View Post
Her visa will he issued in the name on her passport. If she wants her visa to be issued in her married name she will have to provide her new passport.
Thanks for the above, apologies, I realise my original message was not the clearest. My wife has applied for her new passport, and we have gone through the fast-track route that means it should hopefully be returned in the next 2-3 weeks. My question is, can we start the application before the new passport has been sent and issued? Basically, how early on in the process do you need any information/proof of the new passport? Of course we'll need this later on for issuance of the visa and actual entrance to the UK, but if possible I'd like to at least start the lengthy application process this week.

Thanks again for the reply, and apologies for the delay; perils of working long hours over Xmas/New Years.
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