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Originally Posted by Nononymous View Post
Also, if you can claim relinquishment when you took Swiss citizenship in 1999, that would be worth the effort, as doing so prior to 2004 frees you from any tax obligations - i.e. congratulations, you were compliant all along. You would simply need to state that you intended to lose US citizenship and that you never behaved as a US citizen after that point, by voting or filing taxes or renewing a passport. It's the same cost as renouncing but in this case worth doing because then there is absolutely no question of ever receiving any (toothless) hate-mail from the IRS.
Advice well taken! However, it's a bit late to wait before I renounce, or better, relinquish. Swiss policy requires me to dissolve the 3rd pillar account by the end of the year.

In a past thread I found a link to the form for relinquishing. It looks a bit tricky. Not sure if I would require counselling. I'm going to try to find the link and see if there is more information.
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