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Default 6 letters of correspondence and other reasons

Hi Everyone,

This question is in regards to the 6 letters on correspondence for SETM ILR.

We obviously have fished some out but does anyone know if these need to be from 6 seperate sources?

It doesn't say so but I seem to remember that this was a requirement on the intermediate FLR.

Also, on "other reasons to stay in the UK". My wife has stated about the active relationship with our 3 year old son (naturally we all live together) and she is his mother with him all the time. We also speak about the death of our 10 year old daughter in April and how we want to remain together to support each other through this time, we live close to the school she attended, the hospice and that we have just bought a house and my career etc.

But it asks for documents supporting this. We have a letter from our son's pre-school confirming his place there and our address and also we can upload a death certificate for our daughter. What else could I provide and should I, particularly in relation to our son? Maybe we could pose for a picture outside the house.
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