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Default BRP Troubles

Okay, so I renewed my visa in June of 2019. While I was renewing it, I noticed that my last name on my BRP was spelled incorrectly and told the woman who was scanning all my documents. She said not to worry as the new BRP would reflect the spelling that was on the paperwork she was scanning that day. When I received the card, it was still misspelled. I reported the problem within the allotted time through the website. I received a confirmation email within 11 days and then waited. Between Aug and Oct I received two emails stating there was a technical issue with production of a new card. About 2 weeks later I got an email stating my new card was on the way and to send my old one back as it was invalid. I didn't send it back, but I also never received a new card. I waiting the required 10 days and reported the card not delivered. I got another confirmation email stating they had received the complaint, and now, about 2 weeks more and I have received yet another email telling me they are having technical issues in producing a new card. The email telling me to send the original card back also suggested I not book travel until I receive the new card...problem is, I book travel after I originally got confirmation that a new card was on the way. So now, I am stressing out because I am supposed to leave to America on the 26th of this month and I have no idea if this new card will ever arrive. I've tried to find a phone number on the website but came up empty. Last time I travelled internationally I was able to use the scanning machines and didn't even need my BRP. Can I chance it? HELP!!!
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