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Default My Cover Letter

German Mission
Bangalore India,

Respected Sir/Madam,
Sub: Regarding issue of German Job Seeker Visa for finding appropriate job opportunities in Germany.
I, NAME, am applying for Job Seeker Visa for Germany and requesting you to issue the same. I hold a Bachelorís Degree in Engineering and have 12+ years of experience in the IT industry. I was advised by few of my friends and acquaintances that my skillset and job roles have a huge demand in the German Labour market, and after exploring some of the available opportunities online, I have decided, with full mind, to apply for the Job Seeker Visa to enable me capitalize on the available opportunities.
Introduction: My full name is NAME, Passport Number: PASS1234. I hold a Bachelorís Degree in Civil Engineering, I completed my degree in September 2006 and started my career in IT industry in March 2007. I started as a Trainee Engineer and have advanced my career in IT industry and I am now a Principal Software Engineer in IT Captive of one the biggest mutual fund house in US, COMPANY. I have around 12+ years of experience in the IT industry, having experience in the latest and in-demand a technologies, spanning from Backend systems, Middleware systems and Frontend Systems.
I have scored an 8 (Overall) in the English language test, IELTS. I am very fluent and have good command over English. I would have no difficulty in conversing in the work place using. Also, I am very keen on learning the German language, I have started learning basics of German. I intend to learn the German Language from a Language Coaching Centre, and while searching for Job in German, I plan to dedicate a fixed amount of time to German, daily.
Motivation: Germany has always been the Leader in Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. German is an economic power-house in Europe. It houses some of the greatest technology companies such as Siemens, Robert Bosch and many others. Germany has huge demand in the IT sector. Various banks, financial institutions, automotive, Telecom and other sectors are undergoing a tremendous change and are looking to revolutionize their IT infrastructure. This presents ample opportunity for me to explore the German market for a Job. A job opportunity in Germany is more than an employment, but, it is an opportunity to be a part of something innovative, something novel. I can interact directly with various stake holders and thus I would be able to find and avenue to fully realize my potential.
Search: I have explored multiple avenues to search for a Job. I have created my profiles in multiple job portals such as Stepstone.de, Monster.de etc, also, I have been regularly using arbeitsagentur.de, the official German Job listing portal to find more opportunities. I have created profiles in Xing and LinkedIn, the professional networking sites to find more opportunities. I could see ample opportunities for my skill set and experience.
From my research thus far, Berlin had the largest number of opportunities for my skillset, thus I plan to arrive in Berlin, and find a shared accommodation and I shall start my job search. Also, I plan to enrol in Volkshochschule in Berlin to Learn German.
Personally, I have 2 friends, one in Munich and one in Frankfurt who are keen to help me to find a job in Germany, by the way of referrals and professional networking.
I am unable to attend any interviews or manage demonstrate my skills as I am not in Germany.
Funding: I have saved around Rs. 400.000/- INR or around 5000/-Euros in a separate account, for the purpose of funding my stay in Berlin. I am planning to rent a small one bedroom shared apartment or a studio apartment for a single person in the range of 400 to 500 Euros per month, which is 3000 euros for six months. I will use the remainder of the funds to finance my stay for other things such as mobile, food and transport. I will also, purchase a 50000 EUR, travel insurance for any exigencies during my stay. I am hopefully of finding a Job within the stipulated time of 06 Months, thus I have sufficient funds to finance my stay.
Despite all my efforts and in case of me being unable to land a Job, I will return to India just before the expiry of the Job Seeker Visa.
I satisfy the basic criteria of Job Seeker Visa, and thus I believe I am eligible for grant of the Job Seeker Visa.

Thanking you,
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