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Users Flag! Originally from scotland. Users Flag! Expat in france.

I greatly prefer a Codified Legal System as in France which is not precedent ridden and I dislike Common Law. Also here we have a proper written Constitution not a rag bag of very old Laws such as Magna Carta, the Bill of Rights etc, etc.

Indeed although not the major reason those French differences in Law and Constititution played a significant part in my taking the option of moving here when the UK Branch of my Multinational Employer was closed by the Parent Company in a Rationalisation/Optimisation exercise and I had the chance to come to France with continuity of employment and grade or take a reasonably good lieu of notice and redundancy package instead and remain in the UK where I would have been very unlikely to get as well paid a job at my then age and my severance payments plus my savings would only have lasted me for about two years.

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