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Default Husband's child maintenance info

My husband has a child with his ex wife, they live in the USA (husband has US citizenship too). He has a friendly, amicable relationship with his ex and although he doesn't see his child that much (last time was in 2017 when we both went over there and I met his kid and his ex wife) they do occasional video calls together and his ex sends him info on school and the child's progress and stuff. So although they're living in different continents he's still "involved" in the child's life.

I'm assuming we have to put on the application form if he pays maintenance for his child? Under dependants info?

Last I heard of it his ex wife had emailed earlier this year and said he didn't need to send money to support their kid any longer as she earned a good salary. But I should probably check this as I don't want him getting into trouble if I put he doesn't support his kid when he does, or vice versa. Regular payments would show up on bank statements that he submits so they might question what it's for?

Want to get everything right and not have my husband thinking that info like this doesn't matter when it does.

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