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Default Proof of PRP waiting times

Just wanted to say for those who are waiting for long times for their proof of PRP, do not give up hope.

I applied in August 2016 at VFS Durban with all the required documents and paid my fee.

Having been a permanent resident in SA for 26 years the application went smoothly. My reason for applying for proof of PRP is that I had lost my original.

Today, 12th November 2019 I have finally received my proof of PRP after getting an SMS out of the blue last week saying that it was ready.

I waited just over 3 YEARS!! And I had tried to escalate numerous times with VFS, worrying that my application had been lost and that the fee I paid was wasted money.

So for those of you still waiting, just be very very patient and don't give up hope!

Oh, and guard that piece of paper with your life!!!
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