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Default Applying for a German Job Seekers Visa

Hello! I am in Germany with my girlfriend on the standard US tourist visa and would like to convert it into the German Job Seekers Visa. In terms of requirements, which documents, and the application process seem clear to me except for two of the requirements:

- proof of accommodation

- proof of income

My girlfriend has been and plans to continue supplying me with housing, food, clothing, etc. Basic needs.

Given that context, I have seen some places online say an Meldebesheinigung is needed as proof of accomodation. If I am staying under the grace of my girlfriend, is this still required? Or would a letter of her claiming support suffice?

In terms of proof of income, I have had trouble determining how much constitutes enough. The only number I could find was 720 per month (Job Seekers Visa = 6 months = 4320). Does this amount change given the support of my girlfriend?

Thank you in advance for any helpful information!
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