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Originally Posted by collizz View Post
You can buy a used car without a problem. It would be issued as a EE license but you do intend to stay for more than a year then you would have to obtain an Italian license. You can then insure the car via Clements Int'l.. an american insurance broker for expats. I wouldn't get an italian insurance coverage, it is very expensive.

You may want to consider renting a car via AutoEurope which has long term rentals for americans.
this seems to be the opposite answer to all the others, including our advice from our realtor. He says DO NOT TRY and he is working with a solicitor to address, clarify or discover a legal way, and meanwhile strongly urges me to stay away from it, so very interested in your recent experience ( he said there was a new law a year or so ago). And does your answer apply to non-EE( am americana)..thanks
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