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It will be nearly impossible to get you a definitive answer. To grant an Elective Residence visa, the consulates place by far the most weight on guaranteed income streams. They will know full well that set periodic withdrawals from an IRA can be changed at the owners whim. They will treat this as they treat people with a pile of money in the bank. A lovely backup, but not the assurance they are looking for. You will not find this documented in any way as the consulates guard their ability to make decisions based on how they feel about the applicant. Lately a number of regions in Italy are showing signs of immigrant fatigue. Not just the boat people from Africa, but foreigners with B&B dreams in their eyes have really pushed up the prices in Tuscany and Umbria. Every restaurant has reprinted their menus with English subtitles. Meanwhile other regions are slowly dying out with small towns full of for sale signs of old family homes. Immigration here is also a mixed blessing. Too often the immigrants buy piles of bricks outside the town itself and spend all their time and money fixing it up themselves. They don't make much effort to integrate, shop in the cheap Eurospin markets in the nearest larger town and despite initial declaration of intention, quickly abandon efforts to learn more than pigeon Italian.
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