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Originally Posted by Morvannec View Post
My wife and I are currently awaiting a decision on her spouse visa application. She realised recently that she made a mistake in the application. For the question about previous NHS treatment she answered 'no', but in fact she did when she was here previously on a T2 work visa in 2015 (before we met).

To our knowledge she was not required to pay any charges (her visa started before the introduction of the surcharge) so the application should not be rejected on NHS charge grounds. But we are obviously worried that it may be rejected on either 'false representation' or 'material facts' grounds.

- Is the NHS history alone grounds for refusal?
- Is there a way to correct a submitted application? e.g. contacting UKVI.
- Should we cancel our application and start again?

you have to pay the health surcharge if you are applying for initial entry clearance and FLR M

I had a friend that did not pay the surcharge for his FLR M , he got a letter to say that you need to pay it by x date otherwise it will be rejected

so hopefully they will send you a letter , assuming it would not have been rejected for another reason
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