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Default No appointments? Marriage visa

So my girlfriend and I have tried to get stuff together the last couple of tiens and its just fallen through.. (accommodation and jobs)
We finally have stuff together and are ready to apply again with everything wanted. Shes applying on the visa4uk website and we cant book an appointment. It's coming up with 'no appointments are currently available for this locatuon' so I called the immigration for advise (costing me 1.50 a minute) and they mentioned we could apply for a flexible bio appointment. So after looking into that it mentions we could pay for this extra service of she doesnt need an interview for her Visa. Which I think she would need. Just curious if anyone has any advise on any of this??

Thank you for any help in advance. I feel like this process has been endless for us... and we havent even actually started the process yet 😆
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