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Originally Posted by Menolly View Post
Hi all,

Today we received news of my wifes SET(M) approval. We are so relieved and I want to thank everyone who helped along the way, so thank you.

Looking at the last stage of citizenship which seems rather straight forward (no financial requirement, can reuse both english and life in the UK passes) we only have one question. One requirement is:

prove you were in the UK exactly 3 years before the day the Home Office receives your application

So my understanding is if we apply for example on 15/01/2020 we need to prove she was in the UK on 14/01/2017. My main question is what can be proof of this? Can it be the standard accepted utility bill or must it be a home office letter?

Also, if we apply on 15/01/2020 and have home office letter/accepted proof of residence dated in way back 2015 (she has been in the UK 5.5 years), will that suffice? or does it literally have to have the exact date of 3 years before the day? I'm pretty sure the phrasing of 'exactly 3 years before the day' means literally proof of residence on that exact date though, no more no less?

Thanks so much as always


submit the same document as ILR e.g. council tax, bills, hospital appointment that what we did

also you will be submitting your passport , which is another proof of residency
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