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Originally Posted by rivercity View Post
Hi everyone, it’s been a while since I posted on here but it’s time again. We are quickly approaching the date to apply for our ILR set (m) and I’m just getting my self up to speed with what’s changed since our last visa.

We’re on the 5 year route, we done our last 2 visa applications in person but this time we will be doing them by post.

I see now that it’s a online form only now and that you book an appointment at a UKVCAS centres run by Sopra Steria Ltd that can take biometrics and scan documents.

I just wondered how this works? I’m guessing:

1.we complete the online form and it will ask us at the end to an appointment with one of these centres, choosing from a list of dates then we

3.Attend the appointment, have our documents scanned and biometrics taken

4.We then post by special delivery all our original documents with a print out of the form and sign declaration to a given address at the post office

5.We include a prepaid return envelope for getting our documents back
Then we wait for the results that can possible take up to 6 months

Sorry for the breakdown, I just want to check if I’m understanding this correctly, half of this is guessing from what I used to know and have heard, I realised a lot has changed in 2 and a half years.

I noticed there is talk of delays in appointments and waiting time due to high demands. If we couldn't for some reason get an appointment until after the current visa expires then is it correct its ok because the application starts from the day is submitted and we are ok while the HO is processing our application even if the current visa runs out (i've always been worried by the fact that you have to wait until 28 days before your visa runs out)

Is it correct that once a form is paid and submitted that that counts as the application date?

Also if that is true, could we fill the form out online now (our application window isn't to early January) and hold of submitting to the time, Im worried that I havn't seen the current form yet in case there are some unexpected surprises

Sorry for all the questions, Its always been a comfort to come back this forum. Its helped us so much.

Thanks[IMG class=inlineimg][/IMG]
Literally everything is submitted online now, no more sending documents to wherever.
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