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Originally Posted by Crawford View Post
1. Yes, get married in the US. Then apply for the spouse visa for your wife
2. The spouse visa MUST be applied for from the US
3. Read the following website carefully to see how to apply:

If no 'skeletons' in the cupboard the completing of the online application should be straightforward also the submission of supporting documents. Many people do it themselves. Once submitted the process takes up to 3 months or you can pay extra for priority service.
4. Once approved you have 30 days to pick up the BRP document.
5. Visa fees and the NHS surcharge are the main expenses. Priority service is approx 800 GBP more and there might be expenses in getting all t he supporting documentation together.
Thanks for the quick response, really appreciated. Just a quick few follow up questions.

1). Do I need to apply to for any sort of visa to get married in the US, or do I just go on an ESTA? I thought I'd read you have to declare that you are getting married at immigration.

2). On the 30 days collection front, this presents a slight problem in that my fiancee will likely still have some time on a rental agreement in the states. Could she come out to collect and then head back if needed? Or can I pick this up for her? On a related question, I assume once she has the visa she can come in and out of the UK normally, if say we go on holiday at all?
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