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Users Flag! Originally from usa. Users Flag! Expat in france.

Hi everyone, I received the following message from the consulate today, and I would love some advice on how to best respond:

Dear Sir/Madam,

In order to process your visa application, please provide the following documents:

- Documents showing expected profits from your different activities in France

Please read carefully the following instructions on how to respond to this email:

- Please scan these documents directly back to this e-mail address in the next 7 days. If several documents were missing, send them all in one email.

- Make sure you provide new or updated information and do not send the documents you have already provided at your VFS appointment. We have already reviewed those and have deemed them to be insufficient or inadequate. If you send the same documents again, your visa will likely be denied.

- Only send your documents once and please refrain from writing to enquire if we received your documents. Too many e-mails received disrupt the organization of the visa department and result in longer processing times for applications. If you have not heard from us one week after sending your documents, you may then contact us.

- Make sure to include your full name (as it appears on your passport) in the message.

This will be the only opportunity you will have to provide additional documents.

If we have not received any documents after 7 days, or if you submit the same documents you already provided during your visa application with VFS, or if you provide documents that do not meet the above requirements, your application will be processed as is and is at risk of visa refusal.
Do not write to ask if you really must provide the documents. If you are receiving this e-mail, you MUST provide the requested documents. Failure to do so will more than likely result in visa refusal.
My main question is how I should respond to this with the information they want. Obviously it's seems they are just looking for an estimated outlook on what I plan to earn. What and how should I provide this information? What should I include? Any advice would be much appreciated. Are there certain thresholds they are looking for me to meet / or stay under?
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