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Originally Posted by pramudith View Post
Hi Escapedtonz,

Thanks for the information. So, considering my situation, I need to do the following immediately I guess:

I. Re-do my and my wife's IELTS (I did IELTS in 2015 and scored overall 7.0 and think this has expired by now)

II. Get the MBA assessed by NZQA in the mean-time (Small query, as I mentioned before I got a level 7 before for my BSc. Hons in IT. However since I'm getting my MBA assessed this time, which I guess is a Level 8 (I Got the MBA from London Metropolitan University - UK, studied in Sri Lanka). Can I directly mention that I have a level 8 rating in the EOI ( Guess I will have to ignore the previous assessment results?)

III. Once IELTS results are given and the NZQA results are given, lodge the EOI ASAP.

No problem.

I. Yes IELTS or other suitable English test results must be current.

II. If you need to have the MBA assessed as :- (a) you wish to use it in order to hopefully claim more points, and (b) it is not exempt from assessment - i.e. it does not appear on the "qualifications exempt from assessment" list for the country it was awarded, then.....
All you need to do is submit it to NZQA for formal assessment. I'd advise you to have it IQA assessed and not PAR. IQA is a much more thorough assessment and you'll also get the chance to provide all the details of the BSc degree assessment as contributing study. You can also give them details of work experience on the IQA assessment. Work experience isn't assessed by NZQA but it is highly important information for the IQA assessment of the MBA qualification.

III. Yes, if you use a qualification that needs NZQA assessment, you can only submit EOI when you have results from the assessment as otherwise you cannot claim the points as they are not guaranteed. Only submit EOI if you hvae at least 160 solid points. You should be able to provide evidence to prove every point you claim at the time of EOI submission. You cannot claim points retrospectively.....example - you cannot claim for 6 years work experience if you've only completed say 5 yrs 9 months on the date you submit the EOI.

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