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Default Question for 6 items of correspondence for Further Leave to Remain application


For the 6 letters at the same address for further leave to remain application (extension 1).

I have council tax bills, letter from NHS and utilities bills. All the bills and letter has a letter date.

Bank statements question -

We have bank statements, but all the bank statements from two of my banks doesn't have a letter date on the statement. The date shown on the bank statement is 25 December 2018 to 14 August 2019. Is that mean this bank statement is good to count as 1 item covering the time December 2018 to August 2019? or just August 2019?

Second bank statement from another bank is the same with no letter date, it arrive with many pages cover for 3 months. If one sheet is showing the transaction for June 2019 is that mean this statement is good to count for June 2019?

Water bill question -

In Scotland the water bill and the council tax bill is combine, in the bill it shown council tax charges, Scottish water - water charges and Scottish water - waste water charges. Can I use the council tax bill for two categories? one is to prove our joint names for council tax and one for joint names for water bill?

TV license

The TV license is received by email. I paid on 18 January 2019 but the date doesn't show on the TV license. The only date is valid until December 2019. Can I upload the email I received when I bought the license together with the download version of TV license total 2 sheets ?

Hope someone can share some experience. Thanks a lot.

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