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Originally Posted by BlueIce001 View Post
Thanks for your response.

My sister is an Australian and she is planning to relocate to NZ. I am a Canadian citizen and planning to relocate permanently to NZ on a work permit and then a PR. There has to be some humanitarian category of visa as our mom is a widow and 67 and cannot be left behind in Canada.
There isn't and no, there doesn't have to be a humanitarian category visa to suit your needs.
Why should NZ take in your mom just because her adult children may migrate there of their own accord ?
Immigration NZ are not forcing you or your sister to make the decision to live and work in NZ.
Your mom is one of thousands of 'parents' that has already been or will potentially be left behind on their own after their adult children have flown the family nest, their country of origin and migrated to NZ. The Parent Resident Category was a route for those Parents to come and live in NZ with their adult children / grandchildren with their adult children effectively sponsoring them, however that category of visa like others was temporarily closed and/or streamlined. You have to understand the NZ government has an obligation to protect the interests of NZ Citizens and others who currently have the right to live and work here permanently before anyone else. Immigration rules change often as government control the numbers of people coming in to the country. She can come to NZ for an extended period as a visitor, however that is a temporary visa and she will have to leave, but after a period away she can return temporarily again and again. That is about the extent of her options at the moment if you and your sister were to be living in NZ.
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