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Originally Posted by EverHopeful View Post
When the OP says she is from a low passport power country (she doesn't say which one), that means she needs a Schengen visa. Depending on the country she is from, she can apply for a 90 day visa with a view to marriage. She will need an attestation d'accueil and details of the marriage celebration, the latter from the mairie. (Given I don't know her country of residence, I checked for Bangladesh because I know that is a low passport power country, but I believe it is the same for other countries in this category.) She may be able to apply for a somewhat longer visa under the same terms. The trick is negotiating the visa website.
EverHopeful, I like your screen name.

Sorry, I should have mentioned India. From what I can see in the visa wizard, there's only the option of less than 90 days for the vue en mariage visa. My problem is the BF wants me to apply for a longer visa to come in October and stay with him till the mariage en Mai or Aout. I can't really see any visa that would make this possible. Advice appreciated!
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