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Originally Posted by Crawford View Post
Yes, really..... you may have registered for a course but you were using this course to enter France and live with your boyfriend until such time as you decided to get married (and study in the interim)
I was actually hoping it wasn't my fault she figured it out. I was told not to mention my BF during the Campus France interview process or in the student visa application and I didn't.

The reasons I gave for the course were to further my French because some of my freelance clients were offering higher fees if I wrote in French. And that I wanted to write more French on my blog. I was kinda thinking that maybe she checked my blog and saw references to the BF there. That makes the rejection my fault. On the other hand, if it's just assumed that a 35+ woman who's going to do a French course in France has ulterior motives, I get a bit of relief that it wasn't totally my fault.
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