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Question mariage visa?

So I've read through many of the previous posts before joining and they're really helpful, especially the responses by BevdeForges. So here are questions from me and my BF. He's native French. I'm from a low passport power country.

We want to get married in May or Aug 2020. And because of my basic knowledge of French, we thought I could get there and do a course in French before we married. So I registered for a course but my visa was declined by reason of the rental contract not being "fiable" and my "ulterior motives".

Basically these two:
"Les informations communiques pour justifier les conditions du séjour sont incomplètes ou ne sont pas fiables". - We got a rental contract from a friend of his who runs a guest house. Even paid the deposit and everything.

"Il existe des elements suffisant probants et des motif sérieux permettant d’établir que vous séjournerez en France a d'autres fins que celles pour lesquelles vous demandez un visa pour etudes." - So she figured out I'm going there to see him and not just study? Really?

We know of the vue en mariage visa option, but that just gives us 3 months. I'm sort of okay with that, but he wants to wait till next year. His beliefs and stuff. So we're thinking of applying for the long term visa for 4 months to a year. But without an attestation d'accueil, I'm afraid to apply. But his mairie says they only give this for 3 months. So what do we do? Show his rental contract and a statement from him that he's hosting me? And his proof of resources in addition to mine? What else?

Would getting a date sorted with the mairie for the mariage next year help? What else do we need to do?

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