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Originally Posted by escapedtonz View Post
SMRV is Skilled Migrant Resident Visa and you would apply just like anybody else would, however you would be applying from within NZ and you'd already be working here in a skilled job so you would obviously gain the points for that on the EOI.
Once SMRV is approved this makes the WTR Visa null and void and the clock starts ticking from the date the SMRV is activated for a period of 2 years until you can apply for PR. During this time the SMRV will have a travel condition meaning you can come and go as you pleased for a period of 2 years only (however if you do leave it affects your eligibility for PR. Once you have satisfied the minimum period on a permanent class visa (SMRV) and you also meet one of five other criteria relating to your commitment to stay and pay a small processing fee you may get PR.

No there is no other way. It could be possible that you can gain PR after holding WTR visa for at least 2 years - assuming you just went along with that intended route but I'm not absolutely sure. I know you can apply for Residency whilst here on WTR but that is via the SMRV route which could take you out of the intended WTR process.
This is perfect information. Thank you Sir, you are very kind!
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