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Originally Posted by MN8 View Post
Hi Guys,

I am in process of getting a job offer in NZ. This job will be on a Work to residence visa (Accredited Employer). I understand that with this visa, I will be able to obtain an NZ PR after 2 years if I remain employed with same employer.

My questions are:

1. Holding this work to residence visa - Can I apply for my PR independently, using point system? as I don't want to wait for 2 years for PR mainly due to uncertainty which future brings.
2. Having work to residence visa should add 50 points to my independent PR application, and I have better chance for getting a PR. Is this correct?
3. How long does it take to get independent PR approved?

I am very new to the NZ immigration system. Would really appreciate any help. Thanks
1. The intention of this visa is to allow you 2 years to sample living and working in NZ and then if you like NZ it offers you a pathway to Residency (NOT PR - you can only get PR after holding a permanent class visa for min 2 years).
Yes you can apply for SMRV as soon as you are in NZ. You can use the job offer points towards the application.

2. Yes.

3. Several moths to a year.
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