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Default ILR Set M Documents

Hi All

Back again (i have been here through all my visa applications for the past 6 years) cant believe its time for the final ILR Set (M). Thank You so much to everyone this has been a life saver.

i am currently getting ready to submit my application next month. The process is very different as it is all online.

1. Can someone please let me know what happens to all the supporting evidence documents. Is it just scanned online or does it also need to be posted to the home office as we did in the past?

2. Original BRP card, my passport and every scanned page of my partners passport , is this posted to an official office separately or with all of the above documents.

3 Do they still require the biometrics done at the post office after the application has been submitted?

4. Does my partner need to submit a passport size picture?

5. Finally I am doing the application the cheapest way possible ie sending off the application waiting for months is there any payments i need to know off (other that the fee of 2389) ?

Thank You again for the help. its always a tiring process
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