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Users Flag! Originally from australia. Users Flag! Expat in philippines.

I hear what you are saying art as I am all for steel but for us I wonder how long steel trusses will last as we are right on the beach. The corrugated iron roof that is only 8 to 9 years old is on its way out, a lot of the neighbours here repaint their metal roofs every 4 to 5 years. One of the problems is the material thickness @ .45mm and another is that they overlap short sheets and that holds the salt laden moisture between the sheets, we are chasing up whether we can get .60mm colorbond in the lengths we want, available in Manila but not found a local supplier, sorry off track.

We have very heavy (6" x 2") fabricated timber roof trusses and 3" x 2" battens @ 2Ft centres. Because we have plenty of termites I spent a lot of time in the roof space when we first arrived checking the structure for damage and evidence of termites, nada. I asked the builder we had installing the new ceilings (remember the Ecowood?) why the termites had not touched any of the roof timbers, he said that's because it's ??????? wood (yes forgot the name) and too hard for them to eat. It's even difficult to drive a nail into. He said the timber is available to do our extensions and advised against steel given our location.

I think that our biggest mistake was to ship our furniture here as there was no evidence of termites in the house while we cleaned walls, floors and ceilings for 2 weeks prior to the shipping container arriving, apart from a little damage to some of the window frames from many years ago. Within a week of moving our furniture in the little blighters came in through one of the power points to wreak merry havoc. In come the termite dudes. They have only attacked the master bedroom and for some reason 2 of the bathrooms, all other areas are free from invasion.
I do have a lot to learn,,,, until my dying day but for us here steel is going to be a problem, even half a mile away (inland) I see the steel iron laced fences disintegrating, many use stainless steel gates and infills on their fences and those that feel the need use S/S for their window security. Expensive yes but generally maintenance free.

Onto a brighter note, it appears that after 3 months of weekly baiting and digging up/removing queens from nests the assault is now diminishing in the bedroom and nothing for weeks in the 2 bathrooms, great news for us but I'm sure the pest control guys will continue to be employed for a very long time, eventually perhaps like Hogrider, every 3 months.

Cheers, Steve.
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