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Originally Posted by lagniappe View Post
I am a US citizen/ resident, considering moving to the UK for a job. I have, and will continue to have, substantial dividends from US Exchange traded funds every year. I plan to leave there funds in the US if I take this role in the UK.
In addition to responses already received, you should also ensure, at least as far as is possible, that the US domiciled ETFs you hold are HMRC 'reporting funds'. Otherwise you will face higher UK taxes on gains in these if/when you sell them while a UK resident.

HMRC's list of 'reporting funds' is here:

There is a good selection of Vanguard's US domiciled ETFs on this list. Coverage for other US ETF providers might be spotty or non-existent, though. I haven't checked it in detail for any provider except Vanguard.

Finally, worth noting that the HMRC rules for non-reporting funds do not apply to anything you hold in US retirement accounts such as IRAs or 401ks. (And symmetrically, anything you might hold in UK retirement accounts is safe from the US's appalling PFIC tax rules.)
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