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Originally Posted by bavyabal View Post
Hello everyone,

1) Is it possible to apply for a job from India and shift to Australia once I get a job there? I do see several people migrating to Australia once they get the PR. But I do not have that much financial stability to stay in Australia and look for jobs.

2) Even if I come to Australia after getting the PR and if it takes around 6 months or 1 year to get a job in my field, whether I can work in any other field till that time. Whether that 6 months or 1 year will affect my career graph as I was working in some other field. Will that gap causes a problem for getting a job in my field(IT field)

3) I have 9 years of experience in Software field and my current role is Technical Project Manager (But I do write code and guide the team). If my company reference letter mentions this as my role, will I send up the difficulty in getting a job in Australia? I love coding than managing. So do I need to change my title role? I have the feeling my employer can give me the reference letter with tech lead or similar job title. The current job title (Technical Project Manager) is a disadvantage of getting job in Australia ?

Thanks and regards,

To answer your questions -

1) It is highly unlikely you can search for jobs in Australia from India. The dead giveaway is the phone number. The moment Australian recruiters see a +91 phone number, your application goes into the reject bin.
Secondly, there are only a couple of scenarios where you can get a job offer before moving to Australia -
a. You secure an internal transfer within your company once you get your PR - this is the safest bet
b. You work in highly specialised skills that simply don't have resources here or are skills that have not been offshored yet. For example if you are a developer - skills in Ansible, AWS, Machine learning and so on. If you are in ERP field, experience in Cloud platforms, HCM, Salesforce and so on.
Thirdly, plan to have sufficient savings to cover for at least 8-12 months in Australia.
If you are a family person and coming to either Melbourne or Sydney, budget 3000 AUD per month. Thats savings of at least 24000 - 36000 AUD - 12 to 18 lakhs. This will give you sufficient leeway in searching for a job. It helps with peace of mind.

2) You can work in any field you want. After about 3-4 weeks of job hunting you will face isolation and lack of human contact. The best way to alleviate this is to get a volunteer job. You can get relevant volunteer jobs in or It helps in gaining much relevant 'local experience'. If you know some folks here, try to get a part-time job that pays - if possible. This also helps address gaps in the resume - a gap of 6 months of more is a problem.

3) Titles don't mean much here - what Australian companies look for is whether, over the course of your career, you have taken up roles with more responsibility and whether you have grown technically. This should be reflected in your resume.
If you are a project manager, make sure you have the PMP/PRINCE2 certification. This is important here. If you are an architect, make sure you have the TOGAF certification. This helps.

Be prepared to work at roles lower than what you were doing in India. This is normal. You will get short charged in your first job for sure

The most important advice I can give you is to start networking with Australian companies in your field. Send an introductory message and connection request in linkedin and then take it forward. There is a way to network - do not ask for a job straight away. Make chit chat about their opinion about the market, the skills or certifications you need, how their work life is like, which suburbs to stay, which sports teams to follow..etc etc.

<SNIP> See "Advertising", here: kaju/moderator

Start reading either the HeraldSun or the Sydney Morning Herald to gain some info about the local culture, personalities and economy - these help as conversation starters

Let me know if you need any further info.

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