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Users Flag! Originally from australia. Users Flag! Expat in philippines.

Agree Jay, wish we could have at least shipped the Peugeot over, great car, wagon as well that are not available here, personally better than the SL we had and more practical than a 2 door, Right hand drive is a no no here and yes we lost plenty of cash off loading it,,,,, same with the Merc. Perhaps you are right with the appointments and finish on the Kia models available in the States, here we weren't impressed with not only Kia but all makes we looked at though all still a very good cars but lacking the creature comforts and the refinements we were looking for especially in the one million peso range, a bonus were the electric seats (advertised as manual adjustment) and the 360 cameras work a treat, turn on when you indicate to turn, like your blind spot monitoring on screen, retractable wing mirrors, full size alloy spare instead of run flat like most these days, soft touch materials instead of hard plastics etc. 3 years rego, free tinting to our requirements, a lot of car for the pesos. The only downside is the two and a half hour drive to get it serviced @ 5,000 kms which we negated to 10,000 kms by using synthetic oil, they were happy and I don't mind paying the extra to save a trip and wasted time.

For those that may be interested we did look at the M3 (Haima) and at 600K the Vios though a little more expensive would be my/a wiser choice. Disappointed but they are looking to a budget minded Filipino. What I am going to miss is my land cruiser ute when I eventually/finally/fingers crossed, make the total break after Christmas providing the house sells.
This is only my take on available cars here in PH. and While yes a Chinese brand meets our needs and budget at this point in time, secondhand cars are well over priced compared to new and carry no warranty unless residual from the manufacturer and who knows where that lies as the second or third owner, it is the Philippines after all.
Slap me please if my appraisal is up sh*t creek.

Bye the Bye Jay though, and I can't remember where (area) you are moving to but when you make it back we would love to catch up and chew the fat.

Cheers, Steve.
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