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Users Flag! Originally from usa. Users Flag! Expat in philippines.

Originally Posted by hogrider View Post
Kia and Hyundai are pretty popular here as well.
Dave, Yeah, I really wish we Could bring our Kia there as we bought it new just last yr thinking this was going to be permanent gig and I always figure 0% interest is using someone else's money, although the Cash price was $2k less. Only has 17K mi on it 19 months in as bought it to keep till it dies....Ouch.

Steve, I figure each country version of Kia must be different, as ours at least has all the bells and whistles we could ask for...leather, blind spot monitoring, 3 drive settings w/ AWD, on demand 4WD, heated seats (wouldn't need That over there!) multi zone A/C. Just no glass roof or collision avoidance. We tested against the Toy Highlander and Honda Pilot, though mostly the 100K mi drive train and 60k miles bumper to bumper warranties sold us, along with free oil changes for life, which others weren't close. But agree does not drive like some of the Euro brands. Now I just need figure out what to do with it And the wife's Nissan LEAF before we leave...thought about selling one and leaving other with daughter in Seattle to use in case we give up and turn tail back home in a few years, but figure we are in for at least a 5 yr run minimum there and perhaps for good; so, sort of defeats the purpose other than I'd have "my car" when I return here for few weeks 2x per yr. Either way gonna lose some $ in the deal.

As for PI, Saving/Investing a Lot of $ per month And doing some bucket list traveling while having family to help with kiddo, and still living very well is a huge attraction. He seems happy when we talk to him about going there as he knows the family there and their least Says he wants to go. Gonna be a lot of pros and cons to weigh out over time. Hopefully I won't need to learn to speak Chinese! Have a good one.
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