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Originally Posted by perropedorro View Post
...which can be a good counter to excessive consumerism which might be confused with prosperity on this or that index, but really isn't.
Thank you for that reminder!

Originally Posted by TurtleToo View Post
5. The weight of history.
I'm not quite sure just what you mean by that, but I have often felt that history somehow feels more alive in Mexico. From putting my hand against the wall of an ancient ruined temple whose builders died dozens of generations ago to walking down a Guanajuato street with the same houses on either side of me that Hidalgo and Allende marched between 200 years ago, likely on some of the same cobblestones, it just feels like the past is right there with me. I feel that way frequently throughout Mexico, have never felt it elsewhere. Granted, I was very young when I visited the corresponding areas of my own country (Boston area, Philidelphia, Washington DC) and foolishly wasted the short time I was stationed in Europe, mostly drunk. Anyway, yes- a lot of weight in Mexico's history.
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