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Originally Posted by Nickleback99 View Post
Thanks Steve...plans coming along and still shooting for a move next Spring if possible. Will resume some work here in meantime as out of pocket here for son's therapy is painful (Up to $2K per month) , but great improvement for him in the 1 yr since started. Like you in Oz, lots to maintain with our house as up on a mountain with old growth conifers on 2 sides and lots of wind off the lake, and cutting some grass, etc. Hope to finish up a major master bed/bath remodel by Sept and list for rent-furnished by the New Year...will put the antiques and heirlooms in storage though. Anyway, hope to meet a lot of forum members once there and get to know some folks. Enjoy reading the car thread you have going here, as that will be on our list as well once settled...that Chinese SUV looks lot like our KIA Sorento here. Be interested to see your thoughts after a year of ownership if you go that route. Warm Regards, JC
Sounds good Jay and good to hear your young bloke is doing well. Yes property maintenance, the bane of my life as we have 2 to worry about now, Once the house in Oz sells I will breathe a lot easier, most ties cut there then and move on.

We looked at the Sorento and the Tuscon but were very lack lustre for a considerable extra expense, we,,,,, Me wanted up market at a bargain price which is what we did/got and as I said to Dave may bite me one day.

Cheers, Steve.
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