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Originally Posted by bigpearl View Post
Thanks for the concerns Dave and my thoughts too many years ago, no different to things being made in the Philippines in the 50's, 60's and 70's or Taiwan there after and now China but these days for me/us costs come into it as well as creature comforts, comparable known brands with similar features are 500K and upwards compared to this "Chinese" brand that has been around now for 9 plus years.
We have a 2017 1.5 CVT Vios on hire for the last 3 months and while it works well is extremely basic, low quality finish and not very economical for a small car,,,,,, lacks power also.

As said until our house in Oz sells we are watching the budget (fools rush in) but at the same time are used to European cars (Mercedes and Peugeot) and for a tad over 1 million this "Chinese brand" offers most things we are looking for, is brand new, warranty and we will probably keep it for 5 years then dump it.

I am sure if we buy this car and it is a lemon you will be the first to know and I will take the slap "told you so"

Yes long winded but most here are used to me, we looked at a Honda 2018 BR-V Auto yesterday, 3,500 klicks on the clock, hard plastic features, very narrow car, cloth seats and none of the things we were really looking for, price 750K neg. Final price 650K, where are the papers? Apparently the true owner is back in the states and they wanted us to chase him up,,,,,,,,,, walked away shaking my head yet again. Very frustrated trying to buy a secondhand car here and disappointed for what is on offer with "new car reputable brands" with bells and whistles like a European set of wheels. As we spoke about Dave perhaps in a few years we will look at/consider a Wildtrak but after looking at them in Oz and again at the Haima (Chinese knock off brand) dealer (Laus Group) in Rosario was disappointed at the cost for what you didn't get apart from the ego when on the road. We don't need a ute.

The long and short is we get a new car with 3 year warranty, with leatherette seats (not leathder) keyless entry, push button, 360 cameras, cruise, sunroof, sensors, full size alloy spare etc etc. Yes I have sold it to myself after copious amounts of research.

BTW not bitching about the Vios but it is just a car and seriously lacks creature comforts.

Cheers, Steve.
We have hired a vios 3-4 times now, ok car but the 3-speed auto is a bit lacking.
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