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Originally Posted by ashwinduggi View Post
Thanks NB. I have my reason to try for it. I have been exploring a lot. I really liked Melbourne and Australia and even though its expensive I feel like the ROI on it will be well worth the try.

I am considering a few options; Management consultant is also an option for me.

Fingers crossed.

Are you at 65 with 5 for state? If so, chances are remote but you never know. If I were you Iíd do the following -

- Look at the EOI trackers to see if people have been recently invited at 65
- Check what other states you could possibly apply to if your job fits into other occupations thus realistically improving your chances with state points
- Points are changing in November, if you have the luxury of time, see how that might effect your total points. Estimates are that most will see a +5, do you see a bigger improvement?
- like the other members mentioned, try and do the groundwork before you invest too much time or money (unless you already have). More than the monetary aspects, itís just the unnecessary hope that you may keep hanging on to.

That being said, itís your time and your money. No one can stop you from doing what you choose to with it. Folks might be blunt, but they have good intentions behind their advice

PS: I was invited by NSW with 65+5 for management consultant

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