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Originally Posted by akshaypuri05 View Post
Hi Experts,

I have applied for 189 (under 261313) on 6-march-19 with 75 points and 190 NSW with 80 points. However, now looking at the current trend of EOI movement i am thinking of claiming 5 additional points for partner's skill. I have few questions/doubts and i will be highly grateful if you could answer below questions:

1) My wife is an electronics engineer (but no relevant experience) and an MBA finance with 4 years of relevant experience. Both the codes electronics engineer and accountant (general) are in same skills list as mine. So i can claim 5 points with any of the positive skills assessment (electronics engineer or accountant)?

2) Is an MBA finance degree (from India) is enough to get the positive skills assessment from CPA? If any member with past experience could comment.
We want to go ahead with the accountant skill assessment as turnaround time as well as fees are quite low when compared to EA.

3) Do we need to show relevant experience as well to claim partner's point? as my wife doesn't have experience as electronics engineer but she has 4 years of experience as financial analyst (accountant general) so should i go ahead with accountant? Though, i have checked website of Engineers Australia and CPA both and for skills assessment they don't need relevant experience (like ACS)

4) and most important - on DOHA site i found following rules
Partner skills

You can receive five points if, when you are invited to apply for this visa, your partner provides evidence that they:

a) were under 45 years old
b) had competent English
c) had nominated a skilled occupation that is on the same skilled occupation list as your nominated skilled occupation
d) had a suitable skills assessment from the relevant assessing authority for their nominated skilled occupation, and the assessment wasn’t for a Subclass 485 visa.

If i understand the highlighted text correctly, i can claim partners point now and i only have to show evidence when i am invited to apply, is this understanding correct? or should i get the positive skills assessment before claiming partner's point in my EOI?

This will make a great difference as i will lose 5 points from 1 Nov because of age and want to have an invite in hand hopefully before that.

Please provide you inputs on above questions. any other comments/suggestions are also most welcome
Hi Akshay.

Hope you get the answers to your queries. Unfortunately, I can't answer any of your questions; rather I have a question for you.

My wife to be has also been working as a financial analyst/manager in a bank for 4 years. Her qualifications are B Sc. IT and MBA in Marketing.

I was thinking of getting her assessed as a Financial Investment Manager or a Financial Institution Branch Manager but both of them aren't a part of the MLTSSL.

Are you sure we can get our respective spouses assessed as an Accountant (General)? Do the roles and responsibilities match?
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