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Originally Posted by GARYJ65 View Post
You lost me with that “poorer country” comment
There are several forms of poverty and perhaps TG should have been more specific. I stay here because I find that Mexico is richer in social and family relations, while the U.S. is relatively poor in that regard. Regarding economic poverty, there are several dimensions to that also. Fortunately Mexico doesn't exhibit widespread grinding misery found in the much of the world, but general economic prosperity isn't always the cure for that. I spent 25 years working not far from skid row in L.A., adjacent to some of the most expensive real estate in the world, and saw more human misery and wretched conditions than I've seen anywhere in Mexico. Anyway, mild poverty often has the effect of families pooling resources and prioritize purchases which can be a good counter to excessive consumerism which might be confused with prosperity on this or that index, but really isn't. Just compare what's collected on garbage day. Not that Mexicans are immune to loading up "stuff" (IMO the small wealthy class is even more ostentatious than its NOB counterpart) but I don't run into them much.
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