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Originally Posted by TundraGreen View Post
I like the lifestyle. I live in a neighborhood where I can walk one block to a mercado, two hardware stores, a several copy shops, several printers, several beer sellers. It is one block to half a dozen bus routes going all over the city. There is a shared bicycle system.

I have lots of friends, more than in the US, partly because I put more energy into finding friends here, but partly because of the different culture.

I like the climate. I grew up in Alaska. I know how to drive on ice and shovel snow, but I am happy not to have to. However, I note that it was hotter in Anchorage than Guadalajara last week, and until Monday the highs and lows are almost exactly the same.

I like the bright colors and the sounds: Steam whistles, cow bells, and all.

I like that I can walk from my house in the middle of a major metropolitan area out into the country side.

One aspect that appeals to me is the fact that it is a poorer country. Although there are many downsides to this, one upside is that there is less conspicuous consumption and "supersizing" of everything that seems to happen north of the border.

Finally, the cost of living is not a bad deal either, although what is it with the price of avocadoes lately?
You lost me with that “poorer country” comment
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