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Originally Posted by Factor50 View Post
Agree @xabiaxica , just a PM message to swap emails thats it , however I can't seem to reply at present anyway. To be honest I'm just glad this topic is up and running because the information is great.

Yeah the " fish n chips, English breakfasts everywhere " definitely isn't what I am looking for, nor the crazy night clubs either. As i was saying before , few good local pubs with a good atmosphere is perfect for me.... and should on the very rare occasion I fancy a later night I'll just travel to other areas.

I like the sound of the setup in terms of flat , coastal , beach in Fuengirola , but not the area being dominated by expats, really would like a mix to integrate.

danboy20 thanks for the suggestion , I hadn't even looked into this area.
"Is directly on the main bus route as well."
Is that all year round? Roughly how frequent , and approx time from Malaga airport? And cost?

Many Thanks,

Well itīs on the main coastal road, so yes buses all year round. I believe buses are every 15 mins in the day.

The buses to Fuengirola take about 25 mins.....from there you can get the train directly to malaga airport.

So you could probably get there in about an hour.
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