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Originally Posted by bavyabal View Post
Hello everyone,

Now I am in the process of applying for ACS sill assessment. When I research more, reading forums regarding the difficulty of getting a job in Australia I get confused whether I should take the risk of migrating to Australia. I know without pain there is no gain. Still, I would like to ask the following queries regarding getting a job in Australia after getting the PR

1) Is it possible to apply for a job from India and shift to Australia once I get a job there? I do see several people migrating to Australia once they get the PR. But I do not have that much financial stability to stay in Australia and look for jobs.

2) Even if I come to Australia after getting the PR and if it takes around 6 months or 1 year to get a job in my field, whether I can work in any other field till that time. Whether that 6 months or 1 year will affect my career graph as I was working in some other field. Will that gap causes a problem for getting a job in my field(IT field)

3) I have 9 years of experience in Software field and my current role is Technical Project Manager (But I do write code and guide the team). If my company reference letter mentions this as my role, will I send up the difficulty in getting a job in Australia? I love coding than managing. So do I need to change my title role? I have the feeling my employer can give me the reference letter with tech lead or similar job title. The current job title (Technical Project Manager) is a disadvantage of getting job in Australia ?

Thanks and regards,
I worked in India for 8 yr as S/w engineer, moved to US and worked for 5 years and migrated to Australia this year. It took me 3 weeks form the day I landed to get three different job offer. I am not an exceptional developer, but I applied for all technical jobs only.

#1. It is difficult to secure a job from India. If you can take a risk and have enough money to sustain for 3 months in Australia($6/7k AUD assuming you will travel alone) you can get a job here in s/w field.
#2 Why are you thinking about doing other jobs now? I am sure if you love coding and enjoy to solve a technical problem you will not have a problem to get a job. Employers are constantly looking for Good technical resources and they do not find much. Instead of focusing on fallback option, put your energy to do some certification, look for similar jobs in Australi online and try to bridge the gap between your skill and what is in demand in the market.
#3 I don't know any employer who asks for a letter from the previous employer(my guess is employer trust an interviewer and they will ask you to solve practical problems to asses your skills).
Think positive, you can do it. Good luck:-)
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