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Agree @xabiaxica , just a PM message to swap emails thats it , however I can't seem to reply at present anyway. To be honest I'm just glad this topic is up and running because the information is great.

Yeah the " fish n chips, English breakfasts everywhere " definitely isn't what I am looking for, nor the crazy night clubs either. As i was saying before , few good local pubs with a good atmosphere is perfect for me.... and should on the very rare occasion I fancy a later night I'll just travel to other areas.

I like the sound of the setup in terms of flat , coastal , beach in Fuengirola , but not the area being dominated by expats, really would like a mix to integrate.

danboy20 thanks for the suggestion , I hadn't even looked into this area.
"Is directly on the main bus route as well."
Is that all year round? Roughly how frequent , and approx time from Malaga airport? And cost?

Many Thanks,

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