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Thanks again for all the fantastic advice.

I don't have an "Iceland" here Baldilocks , so this could be a real treat haha!!

tarot650 and Isobella thanks for the suggestions, they are adding to my growing list which is great. As I said I will be making many trips over the next while , and because the area I am looking is so vast it feels daunting at the moment so its great to get some pointers.

I agree totally Isobella in terms of not knowing someone it is hard to give accurate advice , However in terms of the type of area I would like/ would suit my personality - would be a town not full of nightclubs and non stop partying , but at the same time have good bars with good atmosphere and most important people roughly of similar age (Im early 30s). I do really want to try and integrate.

I wont keep posting because I could be starting to annoy some people at this stage with all my questions , unfortunately it doesn't seem possible to send direct messages. However I hope I may be helping one or two others who are reading the above with similar interests in a move.

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