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Originally Posted by DavidScottish View Post
Hi all,

Quick note to say that my wife was successful on her SET M application!

THANKS SO MUCH TO EVERYONE HERE FOR ALL THEIR HELP! Really do appreciate everyone's help, I think a lot of us would be sunk without this forum!

The list of documents we submitted are as my previous post.

We used the Super Priority service annd got an outcome the next working day via email. Just waiting on the new BRP to come via the post!

Now for citizenship. We have filled out the majority of the application, but have a couple of questions already...
  • Do we need to give up her foreign passport during the citizenship process?
  • Do we need to give up the BRP during the citizenship process?
  • Can you leave the country during the citizenship process?
My understanding is that it could take 6 months to get a decision, so don't want to get caught out.

As always, all help is appreciated
The naturalisation / citizen process is similar to the ILR application you just submitted, I.e upload all documents online and you get to keep you originals

when you are successful , you will then need to apply for a British Passport which will require you to submit your foreign passport and BRP.

the process can take up to 6 months, but from own experience it took 4 week from the enrolment of biometrics
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