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Default Getting job in Australia after getting PR

Hello everyone,

Now I am in the process of applying for ACS sill assessment. When I research more, reading forums regarding the difficulty of getting a job in Australia I get confused whether I should take the risk of migrating to Australia. I know without pain there is no gain. Still, I would like to ask the following queries regarding getting a job in Australia after getting the PR

1) Is it possible to apply for a job from India and shift to Australia once I get a job there? I do see several people migrating to Australia once they get the PR. But I do not have that much financial stability to stay in Australia and look for jobs.

2) Even if I come to Australia after getting the PR and if it takes around 6 months or 1 year to get a job in my field, whether I can work in any other field till that time. Whether that 6 months or 1 year will affect my career graph as I was working in some other field. Will that gap causes a problem for getting a job in my field(IT field)

3) I have 9 years of experience in Software field and my current role is Technical Project Manager (But I do write code and guide the team). If my company reference letter mentions this as my role, will I send up the difficulty in getting a job in Australia? I love coding than managing. So do I need to change my title role? I have the feeling my employer can give me the reference letter with tech lead or similar job title. The current job title (Technical Project Manager) is a disadvantage of getting job in Australia ?

Thanks and regards,
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