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Originally Posted by spepper222 View Post
Originally Posted by americonsfinest View Post
well the good news is I have an italian born grandmother. The bad news is she naturalized in America before my dad was born back in the 50's.
Hi, it doesn't sound hopeful. My wife and I are expats in Italy, we moved here just over 3 months ago. Now, my wife's grandparents immigrated to US from Italy, and while her grandfather naturalized before her mother was born, her grandmother naturalized AFTER her mother was born. However, it was so long ago, that back then only the paternal line was valid! That law was changed in the 40's, but, as in your case, it too was NOT retroactive. So my wife heard of a law firm that challenges these cases in the court in Rome, and they usually win in this scenario. So we hired them, and so far they've been great. Unfortunately, you're not in exactly the same shoes, but I'm no legal expert (and neither are 99% of the people on this forum), so I'd advise you to get in touch with them and see if you have any legal basis. Because, as you've seen in the other replies and on your internet searches, it's way more difficult than you might think it should be. Even taking the EASY route to residency was like being put through the ringer. I'm also born and raised US, but am a dual UK/US citizen by virtue of my parents being British. So I have an EU passport (at least until Brexit!). Theoretically this is about as easy as it gets - free movement within the EU - but no - it was still quite a challenge to obtain residency. And I'm retired and self-sufficient. Best of luck!

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You raise a good point. There was a time when an Italian woman who married an American male automatically gained American citizenship and lost her Italian citizenship.

Some of those cases have been fought, and I believe won, in Italian courts on the basis that her loss of Italian citizenship was involuntary.

Once again, the original poster needs to determine the exact date and nature of grandmother's naturalization.
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