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Default best route of obtaining citizenship?

Lets say I love Italy and would like to gain citizenship there currently as an American.

I am well aware of the route where if you have an italian grandparent (who didn't renounce citizenship) you can claim it that way.

well the good news is I have an italian born grandmother. The bad news is she naturalized in America before my dad was born back in the 50's. I went through the whole process of paying USCIS to look up her naturalization date (she is currently deceased) and they provided me with a file number, dates, and a fee to obtain official copies of naturalization documents. I never paid the fee but I'm assuming its as good as a done deal she naturalized therefore automatically "forfeiting" her citizenship in italy which is the stupidest law how they changed that in the 90's and its not retroactive.

If i wished to "naturalize" in italy I read some places the time needed to reside in italy is shortened quite significantly from 10 years to 2 or 3. Does anyone know the latest law in regards to this?

I have searched in the internet high and low and cannot find anything about people successfully naturalizing this route with an italian ancestor.

In addition, what are the actual requirements for naturalizing? What would be the best route to do this? I have an american BA with a couple years experience (my degree is vague...not anything crazy like engineering or sciences)

Im just looking for any insight into what the iTALIAN government is looking for in regards to granting citizenship through naturalization and what the best route would look like.

Thanks for any feedback
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